Sunday, 29 May 2011

Calling all Little Monsters

Versace Autumn/Winter 2010

Again with the futuristic theme? Apparently Lady GaGa is having more effect on the fashion industry than anyone first predicted, not happy with just wearing any Haute Couture abnormalities the average fashionista wouldn't be caught dead in the designers are now going gaga (see what i did there) over dressing the wacky pop star, notably armani who has designed all the costumes for her recent monster ball tour. But back to Versace their new collection is totally wearable, totally club worthy and totally unoriginal. Body-con esque dresses with a futuristic theme and some unnecessary zippers is disappointing and franly we have seen it all before, admittedly Versace has never been that fashion forward but recylcying past trends just for their wearabiltiy is such a let down. Tut tut Donatella, better luck next time.

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