Monday, 30 May 2011

Suit Up?

Ever the sceptic you'll excuse me if i don't immediately jump on this trend (yes, it is a trend), the 70's are back that is not negotiable but the rise of the coloured suit seems to be climbing onto celebrities and clothing racks everywhere. First it was white, as seen on Mila Kunis, Rihanna and Camilla Belle to name but a few, but now, coinciding ironically with the release of Rachel Zoe's own collection containing a fair few coloured suits, starlets are beginning to be seen out and about in blocks of tailored colour. Like i said, i'm sceptical, but maybe the way forward is to just invest in a brightly coloured blazer (check out DKNY for that) and save the matching trousers for a separate outfit, trust me unless you work at Vogue this workwear is not to be worn to the office.
Not really know for taking risks, i'm not convinced Jessica Biel is the right person to pull off this Gucci number.

Solange pays homage to her older sisters character in 'Goldmember' with this neon ensemble complete with matching nails!

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