Sunday, 29 May 2011

Attack of the Accessories!

The saying 'less is more' has been long ignored in the Hollywood Hills, it's all about flashing the cash, living in excess and dripping yourself in diamonds, but i find myself wondering... how much is too much? Time after time i cringe as i pour over the pages of fashion mags, blogs and the E! network where the weekly roundup of 'who wore what' in the celebrity world leaves me in no doubt that whatever overpriced stylist is doing the rounds at the moment (not necessarily you Rachel Zoe) is just throwing accessories at these women without a single notion of the balancing act that is the perfect outfit. Serial offenders like Vanessa Hudgens and Paris Hilton are long past the realms of help but when will people learn that unless you are SJP you cannot just add that extra necklace/bracelet/cocktail ring without there being significant consequences for whatever gorgeous piece of couture you are suffocating! Rant over as long as there is a jewellery industry i feel my words will fall on deaf, (probably holding up oversized earrings) ears.

Serial offender: Vanessa Hudgens looking like an extra from Austen Powers

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