Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The 'Gaga' Effect - How Vintage Versace is Making a Comeback...

Whilst her new video for "The Edge of Glory" might not be impressing critics and hardcore fans, certain fierce fashionistas like myself are simply drooling with envy over her vintage Versace wardrobe in the four-minute flick. From leather bondage-style bodysuits to the classic Versace printed shirt she dons at the end of the song, every piece is perfection and with Donatella dressing her for her current promotional tour of Europe you just know that she is going to dig deep into the archives for something special, i can't wait to see what has been hiding in the back of Gianni's old closet...

In the mean time check out some Versace inspired items on the high street at the moment:

Graffiti dress: £14.99 at New Look

Lady Gaga at Toronto this weekend rocking some clashing prints

Yellow Blazer- £55.00 at Topshop

Gaga's now signature blue hair clashes with her lemon yellow jacket but it makes the perfect stage outfit

With H&M just announcing their new collaboration with Versace and a few sneak peeks already hitting the net (check out www.instyle.com) it seems the label has never been more desirable, so start scouring the vintage shops for Versace ladies!

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